Thursday, March 1, 2012


I am now an official foster mummy and this is my first baby. "Rupert" is a very very talkative little dude with bundles of energy. He is so demanding at times i feel like a single parent raising a crying, grizzly, whining toddler. Never the less i love him all the same.

 At this stage i am not in the position to release and discuss further info on his surrender to the Rescue organisation i'm fostering for but in no time he will be up for adoption. Rupert needs a home with bundles of love, a knee to curl up on and a family with patience. If anyone is interested in becoming his forever family, he will be up for adoption in around a week and the rescue organisation charge $200 to cover the vet work done before he is re-homed. I will post the info when it's time. 

Rupie is gentle, loving, a bit cheeky but generally well behaved. He walks well around the garden on a harness (as he is now kept as an indoor cat), he uses a litter tray and scratching post and seems to have a personality that i feel he would become good friends with a gentle, snuggly dog or cat. 

Friday, February 10, 2012


 For the beautiful people that attended the opening night of 'Tea Time', an exhibition showcasing the artist nature of Ashlea Bechaz, Sophie McPike, Hanna Mancini and myself, we very much appreciate the love and interest you expressed for us. It was a fun night and great turn out (i am lucky enough to have even sold a few pieces already, eeek).
 The exhibition is running until until Feb 27th at Cube 37 in Frankston if anyone is still keen to check it out.

 If you were taken by any of the pieces, styles and characters or a particular artist and would like to see more here's where o find us;
  Me (Tegan Carter) -  click the link on this post to visit my illustration Facebook page  OR  contact me via email 
(lamp shades, iguanas,etc)
  Ashlea Bechaz -  OR email her 
(Ashlea does the indian/middle eastern characters)
  Sophie McPike - visual artist, email her 
(Sophie does the medium to large oil paintings on canvas, portraits of 1900's silent era film stars)
  Hanna Mancini -  OR email her 
(Hanna does the tiny collage/watercolour characters in fancy little frames)

Thanks to the darling people at Cube 37 for giving us a great space and helping put together a great experience.
Congrats girlies and big thanks to Ashlea for making this happen! 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Join us for "Tea Time"

 Ashlea, Sophie, Hanna and i have prepared a glorious feast for your eyes and we're inviting you to join us at the opening night of our exhibition. Cube 37 in Frankston (to the right of the art centre) has opened it's doors, showcasing the paintings, collages and drawings of us four young girls.
The large space has been transformed into a whimsical wonder of cute, reminiscent, bizarrely erotic and quirky works of all sizes that will entice you in for hours of fascination.
We wish to see you on opening night, Friday February 10th from 6-8pm for drinks and food but the exhibition is open now until Feb 27th if you would like to ponder the place in your own time  : )
Works are for sale at (we're guessing) reasonable prices and feel free to contact us or enquire about commissions. It's been fun but opening should be great!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Between Print and Page

It's certainly been a long time since a post has appeared on my blog but many things have been keeping me busy... this is one of them!
Back a few years ago i started studying the Bachelor of Fashion Design at RMIT uni, which i left after just one semester. Earlier this year one of the girls that i had started the course with contacted me to be a part of her fourth and final year project. 
The beautiful Alexandra Moye has created a website "Between Print and Page", which showcases the work and design processes of talented up and coming creative people from various areas of the design world. I'm lucky enough to have been chosen as guest illustrator for "Between Print and Page" where my illustrations feature alongside the awe-inspiring designers featured on the site. 

I would love to thank Alex for her support for not only myself but the other young designers that truly appreciate being admired for what we do. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Early Spring clear out ART SALE

It's time to clean up the house and leave my old artwork behind. 
For one or two months i've decided to have an online ART SALE. 
The unwanted, poor quality and ordinary sketches, prints and original illustrations of my past are going up for cheap sale on my facebook page. Rather than me throwing or packing away these works, you can take a look and if there's anything of interest please contact me anytime.  
There are still more things to come so keep a look out! 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sweet as pie

Never in my life have i met a soul as sweet as Dale. Sadly he passed away just over 2 years ago this July and has been missed greatly by many ever since. I made this stencil design of Dale a while ago now but have been a little hesitant to show people. This is a reminder of the love we still have for this darling human being. xox

fun to sketch fashion!

I definitely don't do it enough these days but sketching fashion is so much fun. Fabric is one of my favourite things to draw (right after animals that is!), all that fine detail in the folds, creases, crumples and stitching is delightfully like a snowflake as it will never look or fall in the same way.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pouty Puss

Biro sketch of Marta
 This is "Marta" the cat from the vet clinic that started my crazy cat faze. She owns the place, prancing across the computer keyboards,  posing and pouting at everyone and using her sweetest face when her food bowl wants "topping up".  You can't go past that darling smile and beauty spot just above the right of her lips.

Friday, June 24, 2011

cats on canvas

 For some strange reason i'm still going through a crazy cat phase. Maybe it's because they have the most curious personalities and are a bundle of fun to draw. Either way they make me smile.
 These "Cats on Canvas" are certainly no outstanding piece of artwork but it was a fun little project. I will be making some more crafty painted fabric canvases if anyone is interested in a cute wall hanging!

Monday, June 20, 2011

creative cousins cross-stitch cupcake

 My very clever cousin Zoe hand-made this adorable cross-stitch brooch for me for my birthday last year and i've been meaning to share it with you ever since.
 She has been delicately stitching together a delightful range of cross-stitch brooches and more recently sewing together neat and sweet little zip purses and totes. All of which you can get your sticky little fingers on at her Etsy shop
 Zoe's dear sweet cat "Daisy" has recently been through a rather rough patch after eating a small piece of thread (warning to all crafting cat owners out there) which has unfortunately left Zoe with a rather big vet bill. To help cover costs Zoe held a Prize Giveaway fundraiser on her blog (where you can read Daisy's story) and thanks to a generous, caring lot of people was a success (at least for just over half the bill). If your a lover of cute crafts or are in need of a special gift for a friend then "A Giraffe in a Scarf"may just have something that fits... and it would certainly make Zoe and her recovering cat a very happy couple!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

One small page in one very large book

 Facebook certainly isn't my favourite thing in the world... however, it is proving quite useful as a promotional tool for my illustrations. Finding Freelance work can be tough so this is why i now have created a Facebook "Page".

 You can browse through my sketches, folio and works in progress on the page where i would love to read your comments and answer your questions. I will appreciate ANY feedback, be it good or bad (Just please don't be mean).

 Just type "Illustration Hermit" into the search bar on Facebook to find my page

 Hope to hear from you soon and have a splendid, sunny public holiday x

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Girl with her eyes pecked out

 Humming birds are definitely the nice way to have your eyes pecked out.
 I finally finished this drawing that has been floating around my room for months (a TAFE assignment that didn't get done, woops). The sketch was started on a terrible piece of paper so the illustration didn't get treated as well as it should have so i'd like to do it again and do it properly! (that might be a while though).

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Simply Silly Cats

 I do love cats but for some reason i've never really jumped to draw them, yet they are so curious and funny with their own unique personalities. 'Marta' the Chelsea Vet Clinic cat is truly the most loveable but temperamental cat you'll ever meet. I just have to look at her and she makes me smile, however she did scratch me (that's the temperamental side showing through). Spending time around Marta and other cats at the clinic has given me an urge to capture their character.
 This is definitely not the best work although it was fun drawing something silly for a change.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

In an Elephants dreams

 Yes, i know. Another book and it's about elephants!
 A beautiful tale of life as a little elephant, following his big dreams and certain destiny.

 During my recent stay at the Elephant Nature Park, i met the author of 'Elephant Kingdom, The search for the giant sun throwing elephant'. Karl Cullen is one of the dedicated mahouts/elephant carers at the park and has been for some time. Living alongside the parks elephants for so long, experiencing the playful times and much heartache of their lives has brought an enlightening truth to the tale. Written from the perspective of a young, energetic bull elephant 'Hope' and including other real life elephants from the park, this book takes you on a funny, emotional and wild journey in the search for the giant sun throwing elephant.

 Visit Karl's website, if you'd like to buy the book (it's only available through the website) where you can also read his updates on the ele's and happenings at the Nature Park.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dancing with Elephants

 Strangely enough this book 'Elephant Dance' was recommended to me by a taxi driver only days before i left for the elephant park in Thailand. Perfect timing as i had been racking my brains trying to think of a book to take on my travels.

From the moment the bus left for the airport, to the time the plane was ready for boarding, i had somehow emerged myself half way through the book. Tammie has written a beautiful, funny and educating book of her life, loves, conservation, animals and most importantly Africa. So enjoyable to read in-fact that i went and ordered 'Dry Water', a book Tammie wrote prior to 'Elephant Dance'.  is her website where you can order her books and read about the amazing and (to many people) unfamiliar conservation work Tammie and others are doing for Africa and other parts of the world.

 Can't wait to start reading 'Dry Water' but i highly recommend this one if you like nature combined with a bit of humour

Thursday, April 21, 2011

i love 'i-small all-smile'

Little Lek, is the always happy photographer at Thai lands beautiful Elephant Nature Park and the creator behind 'i-small all-smile'. Lek and her trusty side kick Mai (the parks videographer) become a part of your stay, capturing the precious and not so attractive moments of the week which are put onto a dvd for you to buy before you leave.
But Little Lek went the extra mile and put together a photo disc wrapped up in this gorgeous hand made paper parcel... just for me! Gift tag with special message, tied with string and all.

This post is just a little thanks to Lek for being so kind and making the Park all the more fun with all the more smiles.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Back from the land of the Thai...

... with exciting news. I received an email whilst in Surin with the surprising news that Koko Black (a fancy Melbourne based chocolate shop) had selected my entry as a top 20 finalist in their Easter Drawing Competition. The gorgeous works are currently on display in their shop front in Royal Arcade in Melbourne or on the website where you can vote in the peoples choice and go into the running to receive $100 worth of Koko Black chocolate! Very excited about the awards night on April 7th (Not expecting to win) but to meet Elise Hurst for the second time. She is truly inspirational for all artists and illustrators out there.

On another subject, spending a month in Thailand has been the most incredible experience of my life.

On the very first week in a group of 8, with our lovely guides Dino, Chai and Chom we set of on a trip called "Journey to Freedom". Staying at 3 remote Karen Hill tribe Villages in Mae Chaem, we witnessed the intricate weaving by the village woman, taught english at a small village school and trekked (not too mention on a newly broken little toe) through spectacular jungle alongside 2 fully grown elephants and then alongside a mother and her twin baby girls. Walking under waterfalls, seeing a viper and dining on lunch in surroundings far nicer than any 5 star restaurant i can imagine.

Then came a 2 week volunteer stay at the spectacular Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai. To keep it short, the Thai people, mahouts and fellow volunteers were such a fun and friendly group, there's always the cuddlier comfort of the loveable cats and dogs, the food was an overwhelming banquet at every meal and last but not least, of course the gentle elephants that have suffered so much are living out the rest of their lives in piece and the safe hands of the parks founder, Lek Chailert (an inspirationally strong little thai woman).

It was sad to leave the park but a week on the Surin Project (linked with Elephant Nature Park) was a real eye-opener. One week was not nearly long enough to learn about the troubles facing the world's elephant population and there is plenty more work to be done on the project. So if you're thinking of travelling take a look at this productive and interactive project because it truly deserves all the support in the world. The mahouts with their elephants aboard the project are such a kind hearted group, welcoming you to their village and renting their homes as accommodation. We walked the elephants off the chains twice a day taking them to a source of water to bath, collected food for the eles cutting sugar cane with a machete and constructed a bamboo poo box. Pum cooks up a feast of fruity pancakes and other delicious things each morning whilst putting a smile on your face and Alex will answer or attempt to answer all the questions you can throw at him.
Kudos to Alex and Pum, this project is changing the world for the better in ways you can't possibly imagine. They are supporting the Thai community as a whole, the elephants futures are looking brighter and i wish them all the best.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ele art

In one week i'm heading off to Thailand for a month to volunteer at 2 Elephant Nature Parks in Chiang Mai and Surin. The parks do amazing work to rescue and take care of these beautiful big creatures and on their website every so often they have an art auction to raise much needed funds to support the parks. The subject of the art works are eles of course and if they're interested i want to donate this illustration to the foundation... so i'll let you all know if and when this piece is put up for auction  and give a link to the site. The parks site is where you can foster an ele, donate to the foundation or book a volunteer trip to spend some time with these gentle giants.
see you in a month xx

Monday, February 14, 2011

Saving the Orangs

Australian Orangutan Project do amazing work to help these beautiful but sadly endangered creatures. This is just a basic colouring sheet for their educational program that i did for them as little contribution. You can see what's been happening with AOP and even adopt an orphan orang-utan at 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Recycled hand made parcels

using old sheets of packaging paper, i sewed together these rustic little parcel/envelopes and dressed them up with interesting old stamps. They're a gorgeous way of personalising a card or letter to someone you love by choosing a stamp to suit them.
I had them for sale at a local market but if anyone's interested in buying one please send me an email.